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Women's Noir Pirate Costume

When it comes to the high seas life of a pirate, things can get surprisingly… dull

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But in between those quick bursts of adrenaline-pumping chaos, routine life is actually pretty uneventful

Don t get us wrong

It also comes with a belt and necktie for a little extra zing

Pretty much wherever you go, pirates all look the same.Well, not you! You will definitely stand out from the rest of your bloodthirsty crew with this Women s Noir Pirate Costume

The all-black ensemble is sleek, understated and sexy, for just the right mix of intimidation and sex appeal

The corset ties in the front and back and has white lace trim attached, while the elastic banded black velvet pants have two lines of black and silver fabric attached from the top to bottom on each side

There are plenty of exciting parts of being a pirate naval battles, buried treasure, hurricanes, sea monsters, curses You never know when the next adventure will hit, when the next mutiny will rear up, when the next battle will begin

We get that pirates have to be practical as they shimmy up ropes and cross swords with the British Navy, but would it kill them to get a little style It s always the same old thing torn up pants, baggy shirts, maybe an eye patch or some vertical stripes to add a little flair

You ll be the best-dressed pirate on any of the seven seas! White shirt under corset, hat, sword and boots not included.

You re sailing a giant ship through a giant body of water, after all

You re stuck in the same small area as everyone else, eating the same hardtack every day, scrubbing the same deck, wearing the same clothes And those clothes aren t usually that exciting