Hvac (Heating And Air Conditioning) /

Plugs into 12 volt accessory outlet. Clip on stand. Oscillate at 120 degrees. Metal cage for safety. 6 in. blade provides cooling power. 9 in. L x 6.5 in. W

33.86 р.

Includes two filters 3-layer aluminum grease filters and damper with fan. Requires two 40 W 2.25 in. intermediate-base bulb type. Contemporary style. Retractable tempered glass air-shield. Recommended mounting distance above

312.01 р.

Cool mist ultrasonic technology . Fragrance diffuser. Stepless mist control dial. Night light with independent switch. High humidity output. Silent operation. Adjustable mist intensity. Auto shut-off protection ultrasonic

50.35 р.

Kkmoon Infrared Thermometer

46.19 р.

Features Suitable for airbrush dia 0.3mm.Works great and fun to use on the model kits.Single action, simply push trigger to spray.Widely used by the general model enthusiasts.The airbrush performed flawlessly

30.64 р.

Features Simple to operate, strong and durable to use.Separated pH and temperature sensor probes pH TEMP meter.Automatic shutdown and online monitoring.Apply in water sources, aquarium, hydroponics, spas, swimming pools

49.13 р.

Turbo power for maximum airflow. Compact design. On/off 3-speed rotary control switch. 180 deg tilt adjustment. Quiet, vibration-free performance. Safety grilles. Wall mountable. Black. Warranty One year limited. 14.99

47.91 р.

Features The product is highly practical.This product is easy to use.Full coverage apron for home or shop.Quick release belt that fits up to 52 waists.16 pockets 13 on waist

13.05 р.

Ideal for medium-to-heavy duty cleaning jobs. Includes a 34-in. extension wand, 20-ft. high pressure hose, 35-ft. power cord with GFCI protection, garden hose adaptor, needle clean out tool. Adjustable spray

143.17 р.

Reduces temperature up to 25 degreesF. Connects to your standard faucet/spigot. Premium brass nozzles that are rust free and more resistant to calcium deposits. High quality UV-resistant material. Cools patios

133.84 р.

Features Digital LCD display with backlight, easy to read values.K-Type thermocouple inputs, measure 4 different temperatures simultaneously.Measuring range -50 1350C C/F/K unit conversion.Max./Min./Average values recording function.Data hold function.Auto

28.41 р.

Features C/F temperature unit selectable, and 12/24 hour time display selectable.Support weather forecast, sound control function and sense light function.Large colorful LCD display, you can easily read the value.4-level weather

11.38 р.

ATC Handheld Honey Sugar Solution Brix Refractometer

30.49 р.

Features 2 in 1 soil tester can measure soil fertility and pH.Helps provide a healthy growing environment for plants.Three probes for more consistent readings.No batteries required, easy and simple to

16.48 р.