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Ford Mustang Quarter Post Seals - Rubber - All Body Sty

  • Replacement Quarter Post Weatherstripping
  • Made From High-Quality Weather-Resistant Rubber
  • Provides Maximum Protection
  • Fits All Body Styles Except Fastback

One of the most important parts of any car's maintenance or restoration is having effective weatherstripping, and your 1969 model Ford Mustang is no different

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As always, remember to trust Mac's Auto Parts for all your restoration needs

MAC's carries the finest quality seals made today - from the correctly shaped extrusions, to the permanently bonded corners and pre-installed mounting studs, our seals are the best

Mac's Auto Parts is happy to present these quarter post seals for your 1969 Ford Mustang

Made from the finest weather-resistant rubber, these quarter post seals feature molded ends to ensure a perfect fit

Without proper weatherstripping, harmful elements such as water and dirt can get into your Mustang, potentially damaging or even ruining its interior